Painting your roof is a sure fire way to cover and hide all of the imperfections of your roof’s current state. You wont be able to see failing components, cracks, or raised fasteners. In fact you may never be able to see or tell if your roof has a problem again. That’s a good thing right?

To the untrained eye a painted roof looks uniformed and well maintained. When one of our consultants gets up on a roof and determines the roof has been painted the only way we can preform any maintenance on their roof is by power washing the paint off. Power washing your roof will automatically take three to five years off the life of the roof.

If you can’t see the problems on your roof how do you know something is wrong with it? Homeowners will typically find shingles in their yard or a fresh roof leak. Unfortunately, painting your roof covers and enhances the problems with your roof. Painting your roof would be the same as staining your roof, which corrodes your fasteners and degrades your roof twice as fast. Many homeowners choose to paint their home because it’s a cheap and easy way to make it look good. At Roof Life of Oregon, we strive to make your roof look good, last longer, and work right through the use of non-invasive roof maintenance.

Painting your roof is a cry for mercy and taking the easy way out. Roof Life of Oregon guarantees through warranty your roof will be leak-free and moss-free for three to five years or we’ll repair your roof free of charge. No one in the local industry does that. Read the fine print, no one does what Roof Life of Oregon does. Before you make a desperate cry for help give Roof Life of Oregon a call at (503) 925-0125 or visit our roof estimate page.

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