It’s living on your roof. Slithering down with the monsoons. It lays quarantined in your gutter. Breeding with the environment. It’s rotting with every baking beam of the sun. It’s destructive forces are known to few. Yet, it haunts nearly all of Oregon.

What does Oregon and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have in common? More than you’d like.

The radioactive slime, Retromutagen Ooze, helped mutate the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from house pets to mean, green, fighting machines. Unfortunately, what we commonly call ‘Oregon Slime’ doesn’t have the same residual effects. Patrick D. Morin takes us on an explanatory journey of Oregon Slime.


This is Patrick Morin, Roof Life of Oregon it’s May 12th 2010 a lot of people are wondering when they don’t have any trees up above it or any debris falling on the roof why would I need my gutters cleaned? It’s interesting, I just unplugged the downspout around the corner here, but this is what forms in gutters in Oregon. It’s just what’s called Oregon slime, and it’s about an inch thick, and it fills up your gutters. When the summer comes, everything dries out and it turns into a hard long king of a boat shape type thing. Then it slides down right over your downspouts so you end up with plugged gutters. Whenever we use our product, on our self cleaning products, you see how this forms here, that’s what’s in this gutter. It’s just Oregon slime we call it. It forms in all the gutters, plugs up downspouts, and that’s why you get overflowing downspouts that don’t have any trees or debris around it.

Ask yourself this question: ‘When was the last time someone checked my roof?’ If you can’t remember or its been more than five years than it’s time to have us do a free roof inspection. Don’t let your home become the victim of an Oregon slime attack!

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