We’ve been doing roof maintenance at Roof Life of Oregon for over thirty-five years, and we started with shakes. We now do all roof varieties, but shake was our number one.

We are shake specialists and know it like the back of our hands. There are a lot of contractors out there that think that just because they do roofing, they can install shakes as well. That’s just not always the case.

Just a couple weeks ago a homeowner called us out for a well care check up. She has a beautiful shake roof and just wanted to know what she needed to do to keep it healthy. When I got up on the roof to take a closer look, I could see all of her roof’s past repairs.

When we look at a shake roof, we look for erosion holes where the wood has worn away between two shakes and you can see the felt paper. We’ll also check for split and missing shakes. The last guy to make these repairs on her roof must not have been a shake specialist.

There’s a specific way to put a shake repair together. The old shake comes out, the new shake goes in, and the nails need to go in a certain spot to make sure water can’t get to them. This contractor clearly didn’t know that. He put the nail right in the keyway, where water is going to funnel right on top of the nail.

He also missed what’s called the skip sheeting. Underneath a shake roof, there are wood slats. All the shakes go onto those wood slats and there’s a gap to allow them to breathe. You need to hit the slat with the nail. If you don’t, you’re basically nailing paper. There’s no holding power.

On this client’s roof, I could literally pull the shakes out, because they were nailed to nothing. So not only does she need to have repairs done on parts and pieces from normal wear and tear, we also have to repair past repairs.

That contractor may have called himself a better value, but now she’s going to have to pay double to correct his mistakes.
If you’ve had your shake roof installed or repaired by another contractor, and you want to have it looked at by a shake specialist, call Roof Life of Oregon. We can get out there and make sure your roof is repaired correctly, so you can avoid future damage and costs.

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