I recently got a call from a client who was new to Portland and wondered why there was so much moss on his roof. He was from Nevada where that wasn’t an issue at all.

Sure enough, I looked up and saw a bunch of junk all over the roof. He told me he had just moved to Portland and planned to be in the home for awhile, so he wanted the roof to look good, work right, and last a long time. But first he needed to understand how moss affects our roofs in Portland.

It was my pleasure to explain to him why we have so much moss in our area and what that moss can do to a roof over time. I explained that a roof is put together in layers and that it’s designed to drain water from the top of the gable all the way down the gutter. When there’s an interruption in that process, like moss, the water is diverted horizontally. It will find fasteners, a hole or some imperfection and begin to leak the home.

My newfound Nevadan friend was ready to get the moss off of his home so that he can avoid any of those negative effects. I did my check-up on his roof, and sent him a report, detailing what it is Roof Life of Oregon can do to help him get that moss off, maintain his roof, and make sure he enjoys living in our beautiful Portland.


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