I recently had a discussion with my grandfather about his three year old Palm Harbor manufactured home that already has a roof leak problem. What I tried to explain to him was that the builder, because it’s a manufactured home, put on garbage material and the lowest quality roofing system possible to keep the overall cost of the home down. He could not come to grips that it was possible for a ‘brand new’ home to have a roof leak like this. In his eyes, it wasn’t a matter of the material or roofing system it was the record rainfall we’ve experienced over the past two months that has caused his ceiling to warp.

Manufactured homes are not the only ones that have poor roofing systems and materials used. Daniel White shows us today that your roof may need a replacement before you ever move into it.


This is a brand new house, the homeowners haven’t even moved in yet, you can see they still have the Milgard stickers in the windows. A nice brand new roof they’re putting on here, bundles still up there from when they finished, and it’s already blowing off. I’ll show you exactly why those shingles are blowing off. This is what’s lying on the ground from their brand new roof. See that? Those are your nail holes all the way over here. See this white line? That’s where those nails are supposed to be. Let’s flip that over. See where those nails hit? It completely missed this ridge. Completely missed. And that’s not the only shingle as we walk over. You see all these shingles. All those nails all in the wrong place. At least they used five nails, but they hit them all in the wrong place. Again, kinda hit it, completely missed it. See what happens when they go too fast? They don’t pay attention. This is a brand new home, not even finished, and it already needs a new roof.

If you find a shingle or two laying in your yard, or have a leak problem like my grandfather, call us at (503) 925-0125 or fill out our form for an inspection of your roof.

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