At Roof Life of Oregon, we take care of 11,000 roofs put on by everybody else in the Portland area. We’ve learned that in new construction homes, corners tend to get cut and operations aren’t managed. All of that results in a roof that will start to have issues just a few years in.

When you buy a new home or a home that was built in a subdivision, usually the contractor hires a bunch of sub-contractors. He hires framers for the windows, a gutter guy to install the gutters, and a roofing guy to come put on the roof.

The problem lies in how that install occurs. Most of these guys are being paid by the piece, which means the faster they get their ten by ten square completed, the faster they get paid. That results in a lot of corners being cut and a lot of things being missed. And if the work isn’t managed, who is there to make sure things are installed correctly?

You roofer isn’t just installing your shingles; he’s installing vents, ridge caps, skylights and flashings for your chimneys. It’s a huge project that needs to be done slowly, and methodically. We pay our guys by the hour so that they slow down and do the job right the first time. We’ve seen the problems that paying by the piece can cause and it’s only made us better at making sure the roofs we maintain look beautiful and last longer.

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