Yesterday, we took a look at what happens when a roofing contractor provides a poor roof installation from the ground view. Today, Daniel White takes us up on the roof to show us what each side of the roof looks like.


Ok, as you can tell we’re now up on the roof. This section completely blew off. Note what’s still on the roof, all those nails are still on the roof. It just completely destroyed these shingles and ripped right through them. The reason that it did that is because of improper nailing. Those nails are in completely the wrong place. See here, there’s where it should have been nailed and here’s where was nailed. It’s completely pulling through, pulling that right off, they missed the strongest part of the shingle. This whole side now has to be replaced.

Now that we’ve seen the part of the roof that blew off, lets take a look at the half of the roof that did not blow off.


This part of the roof was saved. The wind didn’t quite get to it, didn’t quite rip it off. It looks really nice, right? Let’s get a little closer look at this one. Look at the overlap on this. So the contractor was supposed to have this line come down to the bottom of this line here and cover that white line. See that white line right there, that’s where the nails are supposed to be, this upper shingle is supposed to come down and cover it. Because they did that, that’s what the other side blew off. All the rows are like that, so chances are if they get another big wind storm this side could go like the other side.

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