Some Greater Portland areas like Troutdale, Oregon have a history of sever weather. In Troutdale, historically the wind can wreck havoc on on your roof leaving a greater dependency on the workmanship of the roof installation team. Unfortunately, for this homeowner they learned the difference between a roofing contractor that pays their employees by the job site versus by the hour.

Daniel White shows us what can happen when a roofing contractor doesn’t take the time to provide a long lasting roof installation.


This is a home out in Troutdale, we had some wind play a little havoc on it, and if you look up at that section there they lost the shingles. That’s actually two layers; the top layer has blown off. If we come over to the ground we can see exactly why it did that. Again, roofing contractor used four nails; unfortunately he did not hit the nailing zone. See this white line, that’s where those nails were supposed to be. See how they completed pulled through the shingle? See how this is ripping apart right here? Flip that over, it’s ripping apart, notice where those holes are. They are supposed to have gotten on this part of the shingle. So what’s happening is there is nothing to hold it all together. Again, incorrect fastening on this shingle, which is the reason why they lost this roof. Let’s go ahead and climb up on this roof and see how bad the rest of it is.

If you think this roof looks bad from the ground wait till you see what it looks like when we’re on the roof tomorrow! In the meantime, you can read up on Roof Life of Oregon’s lifetime workmanship warranty.

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