You may not think nail placement on your shingles would make that much of a difference, but it can actually cause many issues, including premature replacement. If your contractor is paying his guys by the job instead of the hour, they might rush through your installation and put the nail too high or too low, causing problems for you in the long run.

Your shingles are held together by two sheets that overlap and the nail goes into that overlap. Every manufacture has a different nailing zone; some are wide, some are small. If the nail is too high on the shingle, a couple things could happen. One of which is your asphalt shingles could go flying in the wind. We’ve seen this happen on brand new roofs! The worst part is, manufacturers aren’t going to stand up for that warranty because it was poor installation.

Then there’s a shiner. A shiner is when the nail is too low. First of all, it’s just unsightly. Secondly, the nail is below where the shingle above it hits. It is exposed to the weather and begins to rust. The rusting of the nail can cause a major leak in your house. Often times when five or six year old roofs are leaking, it’s because a nail was put in the wrong place.

If you can get a contractor that pays his guys by the hour, they’re going to slow down. If they slow down, you’re going to get the full life out of the roof, rather than having to replace it after seven, ten, or fifteen years. Roof Life of Oregon installs your roof the right way the first time around so you can avoid those pesky leaks and premature roof replacements.

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