“Why is my upstairs so hot?”

I get the question all the time. Many clients think that uneven temperatures in the home is an HVAC problem, but, in fact, it could be poor ventilation. An attic inspection and proper evaluation by your roofer is critical to avoid an uncomfortable living space.

There’s nothing worse than having a brand new roof put on a beautiful home, but only being able to live in the downstairs, because the upstairs is way too hot. We talk about ventilation all the time at Roof Life, and it’s because it’s the number one killer of roofs. Bad ventilation will not only make your home uncomfortable, it can shorten your roof’s life.

An attic inspection is one of the most important steps a roofing company takes before installing your new roof. Choose a company that cares enough to go inside your attic, the heartbeat of your home, to figure out what’s really going on.

When we do an attic inspection at Roof Life of Oregon, we’re able to give you proper solutions- not just a guess. That way, you’ll have a comfortable home and a brand new roof to enjoy for years to come.



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