Unless you are an expert in the field, you probably don’t know what your roof is going to cost. In fact, when I sit down with clients, sometimes the estimate I give them is double what they expected. The problem is, you can’t ask your neighbors what they paid for their roofs and expect your roof to cost the same.

Just yesterday I sat down with a client to talk about a roof replacement. It was a huge house and the HOA required all homes in this neighborhood to have shake, so they didn’t have as many options as usual. When we sat down and when through all the details of taking off and shake and installing a new one, it was almost fifty percent more than what they anticipated. They were shocked, to say the least.

Once we went through every component, the client understood the costs. Remember, a $10,000 dollar perceived difference on a larger home could feel the same as a $1,000 difference on a smaller home. It’s all relative to the size of the home, the complexity of the roof, and the expectations of the homeowner.

If you want to start budgeting for a new roof and need a rough estimate, there is one great online magazine I would recommend called Remodeling Magazine. They breakdown costs of remodeling projects in all major U.S. cities, based on the average costs of homes in the area. So that’s a great place to start.

For an even better idea, just give us at Roof Life a call. We can come out to your home, free of charge, and do an inspection. That way, you’ll know exactly where your roof is at in its aging process, and what you can expect to pay when it’s time to replace.

Skip the guessing game. Call us and let us put your mind at ease so you can be prepared when it comes time to purchase a brand new roof.


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