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Why Our Natural Moss Killer Beats Zinc Powder Alternatives

Posted August 31, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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If the objective of roof maintenance is to make your roof work right, last longer, and look great why would you pay someone to puke all over your roof? I don’t mean puke in the literal sense. But, why pay a roofing contractor to remove roof moss by using zinc powder for roof moss? It makes the appearance of your roof look worse than it previously did! Homeowners know the job isn’t complete until it looks like it’s complete.

The photo above is an example of what we call ‘roof vomit’. It’s as unpleasant looking as it sounds and equally corrosive to your roof.

Don’t Settle for Spotty Moss Removal

This example of roof vomit is a zinc sulfate or zinc chloride type compound that comes in a powder form. Zinc powder for roof moss is not regulated or backed with any kind of warranty by the manufacturer. What this means is roofing contractors are allowed to mix the compound at any concentration level they desire.

Here’s the risk: if a contractor is trying to make the greatest profit possible, they’ll use high water or oil-based concentrate with a minimal level of the zinc compound. The good news is, the amount of zinc in the compound may not corrode your fasteners, but it won’t kill any moss either. The flip side of that is, using a high zinc-based compound in water or oil-based concentrate. This will kill moss, but it will only occur in the spots where the powder is highly concentrated.

The technique most roofing contractors use when putting a zinc sulfate or zinc chloride compound is conducive to killing moss in patches creating a Dalmatian like pattern. It will also corrode all of your fasteners allowing water to get underneath your shingles causing costly roof leak repairs.

Why You Should Use a Natural Moss Killer

Why would you pay someone to take your roof backward with a product that looks like someone puked all over it? If you care about your home’s appearance then it’s important you ask what your roofing contractor is using to prevent and kill roof moss. Roof Life of Oregon uses a sodium silicate based pH changer that is a completely green and non-corrosive product. Roof Life of Oregon has the exclusive rights to use Dennco Chemical in the Greater Portland area.

Why does this matter? Because when you choose Roof Life of Oregon to serve you, you will receive a 3-5 year warranty from both Dennco and Roof Life of Oregon. What other roofing contractor has their roof treatment company guarantee your roof moss free or we’ll clean it for free? Call 503-925-0125 or fill out our roof inspection form and help stop the outbreak of roof vomit.

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