The summer season is the busiest time of the year for home exterior work, but for many homeowners that also means it will look like Christmas with their ‘snow covered’ roofs. This snow looking compound is moss powder designed to cure roof moss, but instead kills your roof.

Unfortunately for these homeowners, moss powder is a form of zinc sulfate, which is a corrosive chemical compound that only kills moss in patches while allowing water to get underneath your shingles causing leaks. Instead of using moss powder these homeowners should have used Roof Life of Oregon’s roof maintenance program.

Roof Life of Oregon uses a sodium silicate based pH changer that takes your roof’s environment from highly acidic to neutral, slightly alkaline state. Zinc sulfate based products typically last one year and then need to be reapplied with the roof moss growing back more than ever. The zinc sulfate works as an irritant not a solution for your roof moss problem. Using Roof Life of Oregon’s roof maintenance plan you will receive a three or five year warranty backed by the manufacturer and Roof Life of Oregon. If roof moss grows back between treatment periods we will come re-treat your roof for free. How many companies make that kind of guarantee?

Help your roof life move forward not backwards with our non-invasive environmentally friendly roof moss treatment. Let Roof Life of Oregon perform a free estimate inspection on your roof by calling (503) 925-0125 or visit our roof estimate page. Save the moss powder for the amateurs and the ‘snow covered’ like roof for December.

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