Today we complete our segment on moss growth and zinc strips by looking our solution for getting rid of roof moss and alleviating the need for zinc strips. On Monday, Patrick D. Morin explained the problems with using a zinc strip for removing roof moss. Yesterday, Patrick D. Morin today showed us what happens to an architectural shingle roof when it has heavy roof moss.

Today, Patrick D. Morin shows us that this roof is not destined for failure, in fact with the suggested Roof Life of Oregon roof maintenance solution this homeowner will have his roof looking in tip-top shape.


When we come up on a roof, this is a nine year old PABCO, it looks like a castle grey in color. It is well ventilated, if you look up here on the can vents, it’s well ventilated. It’s ventilated correctly; it’s just having a moss problem on the northeast side. Before it gets under the shingle we’re going to clean this off, treat it, and keep it treated every three years so that it never destroys this roof so that he can get the full 30, 40, or 50 years the manufacturer says he should get on this roof.

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