We continue our segment on moss growth and zinc strips today by looking at the effects of heavy roof moss. On Monday, Patrick D. Morin explained the problems with using a zinc strip for removing roof moss.

Patrick D. Morin today shows us what happens to an architectural shingle roof when it has heavy roof moss.


What we do is, as you’ll see once you come away from the galvanized metal, you have this pretty heavy growth. The problem with heavy growth on an architectural shingle is this shingle’s fastener is right underneath this lip. If he lets this moss grow it’s going to get underneath the shingle and it’s going to lift that and then the water is going to come down here. Now he’s getting it soon enough, it’s getting pretty heavy, water will run down and be forced sideways before it can find its way down and then the water going sideways is going to find the fasteners and start to leak on this roof. These roofs are designed for water to run vertically down them, not to run across. Heavy moss forces water horizontally and causes roofs to fail prematurely.

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