We continue to receive daily inquires on solutions for getting rid of heavy roof moss. One of the most popular sources for moss removal is zinc strips. They are readily available at your local home improvement store and seem pretty effective. In fact, in our video today they do a great job of keeping a 15 foot section of the roof absolutely perfect.

The problem is this roof is about 30 square feet. 15 feet of clean roofing out of 900 feet of total roofing is only 1.6% success rate. Patrick D. Morin goes into further details on the problem with using a zinc strip.


I wanted to show how a zinc, and other metallic metals, and in particular our product, which is a sodium silica based preservative, keeps the moss off of architectural shingle roofs. This is a huge smoke stack with almost three feet of galvanized metal, plus a two foot base, and the water running off of this is keeping this roof completely clean all the way down to the gutter. Almost 15 feet of roof has absolutely no moss on it. The base metal in galvanization is zinc, so zinc oxide is flowing off of this flashing and keeping this roof moss free below it. The reason why you can’t put humongous strips of galvanized metal on a roof is one, they blow off, they’re very unsightly and they’d be cost prohibitive.

If you’re tired of unsightly roof moss, and want something with a higher success rate, then give us a call (503-925-0125) or complete our form for a free roof maintenance inspection.

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