Watch Patrick Morin and Ernest Murry as they look at a common scene here in the Great North West.


“This is Patrick and Ernest Roof Life of Oregon we’re on a 5 year old presidential asphalt shingle in Lake Oswego. This used to be all shake in here and people have been switching over to an asphalt shingle thinking that it’s going to get them out of maintenance. As we look at this roof this is the type and kind of moss that is a shingle eating moss. There are three varieties. You’ve got the roly poly kind that likes to form on the ends of the shingles. It forms a wedge and tries to break the seal of the shingle. Then you have this type which is the leafy furry ever invasive type (of) moss. And it is actually eating the asphalt shingle right off the fiberglass matt. So if this is left like this this, it’s going to take this 50 year roof and make it a 15 year roof really fast. So what we’re going to do with this roof, we’re going to first just check all of the components and then gently remove the moss and put a treatment on here that will keep it from coming back for 3 full years. If they have a debris issue which you can see by the chimney chase, obviously there are debris issues we can maintain this with compressed air on an annual basis and then just treat this thing. This is roof maintenance in the great North West. Patrick and Ernest Roof Life of Oregon.”

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