Zinc Sulfate White Powder on Roof
White Powder on Roof

When driving by a neighbor’s house, have you ever wondered, “Why is there white powder on their roof?” In short, it is known as zinc sulfate powder which is used to deter roof moss. Zinc deterrents often come in two forms, a zinc strip, or zinc sulfate powder.

This week we’ve been focusing exclusively on moss problems and some potential solutions. On Monday, we took a look at zinc strips as a possible moss control product. Unfortunately, they become a tangled metal-flying-streak-producing mess! If you’re not going to use a zinc strip the next logical moss control product to use is a zinc sulfate powder. Patrick D. Morin explains below what happens when you use this product on your roof.

Some homeowners take it upon themselves to sprinkle their zinc sulfate powder all along the ridge top. This homeowner doesn’t realize what it’s going to do. Every ounce of it is corrosive. It’s going to corrode every fastener on the roof, the gutter system, the drain system, and all the diverter system that keeps the water out of your home. Then when it’s done doing that it’s going to go into the water ecosystem and kill every fish downstream. He’s just trying to save a buck and thinks, “Wow I have to get rid of this moss somehow.” The weird thing is the next year it’s just going to grow right back, it has no residual, and it will streak down the roof and kill whatever it touches, but it won’t do an even clean. Here are Patrick’s thoughts on using zinc powder for your roof.

Roof Life of Oregon uses a green non-toxic and non-corrosive product that is kid, plant, and pet friendly. Our treatment is self-cleaning and we provide a three or five year no growth guarantee depending on your roof type. If you’re tried of moss growing back bigger each year call Roof Life of Oregon for a free inspection and we’ll help get your roof healthy.

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