Proper roof ventilation can fix and prevent many common house problems. However, using the proper number of intake and can (outtake) vents is key to accomplishing this task. Bigger isn’t always better and more of one thing can’t always compensate for inadequacies of another thing.

The roof above is using can vents in place of intake vents in attempt to properly ventilate the roof. Unfortunately, can vents were not designed to be as effective as intake vents for bringing air into the house. In addition, this is not approved by an roofing manufacturer resulting in the roof warranty becoming null and void simply because the contractor used can vents in place of intake vents.

Not having a roof with the proper amount of intake and can vents will statistically cause this roof to last half as long as it should. To prevent this from happening, let Roof Life of Oregon give you a free inspection and ensure your roof and warranty lasts as long as possible.

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