This beautiful million dollar home has a major problem. In its current and majestic state, it’s also a dormant leak candidate waiting for a rainy day to come along. The rain will help ignite its unfortunate destruction on this Portland Oregon home. Without regular roof maintenance, this homeowner is in for problem that could cost thousands of dollars, not covered by their homeowners insurance, and inconvenience their family for months.

Today, we’ll examine why presumably bullet-proof million dollar homes leak and what can be done to prevent this nightmare from happening.

Intuition would tell you, if a million dollar home equipped with a boat parked in the driveway and meticulously manicured landscape, the fixtures and amenities inside the home would be of equal look and value. Now imagine you went on vacation to someplace sunny, because you simply cannot handle this record rainfall the Oregon weather has recently produced, and when you returned from your two week trip you came home to a completely ruined living room all thanks to serve water damage. No words, photos, or videos can describe the exorbitant amount of inconvenience and monetary problems this type of roof leak would produce. Your million dollar baby, which seemed impenetrable, broke down as a result of improper roof maintenance.

Our photo below is a perfect example of a St. Helens like problem just waiting to be unleashed on your home. The surprising thing is, we see homes like this every single day. Hardworking homeowners that simply don’t take the time to protect their castle. Valleys such as these don’t get buried overnight, this is at least 3-6 months worth of debris that has accumulated from the surrounding trees.

Allowing debris to sit on your roof will cause it to decay faster, grow moss more abundantly, and allow water the opportunity to attack your fasteners ruining the inside of your beautiful home. Homes that are further up the mountainside are exposed to the same environment and weather as everyone else. Typically, these homes have a steeper pitch, making their roof a greater % of the visible portion of their home, but if the northeast side of the home isn’t visible to the homeowner the roof will not get the attention it deserves or needs.

In the words of our CEO Patrick Morin, “Maintenance is always less costly than replacement.”

Owning a million dollar home doesn’t mean the builder put a million dollars worth of materials into your home. Homeowners buy their home primarily because of the neighborhood, location, and school district, not the type of roofing materials they used on the home. To ensure your home works right, lasts longer, and looks great you need a professional you can trust. Since 1983, Roof Life of Oregon has protected homes from the top of the mountain, to the bottom of the mountain and everywhere in between from costly leaks. We are the only Portland roofing company that provides a three or five year no leak warranty with your roof maintenance project. Protect your family and your budget from roof leaks by calling Roof Life of Oregon (503) 925-0125 or requesting our one of our roof inspections.

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