I will be the first one to admit that a few years ago I would have accepted the line ‘if I put a tile roof on my home, I don’t have to do anything to it, because if I’ve got cement between Mother Nature and my home.’

And then people started calling me with leaks on their tile roofs. And I thought, really? So I went out to the homes and started researching what was going wrong on these aging tile roofs.

We have found that moss really loves to grow on these cement tiles. You’ve probably noticed moss on your front walks, your driveways and your patios. Moss loves to eat concrete. I don’t know what it’s eating, but it really grows!

Once the moss gets established and starts eating the cement, you can find cement silt in the gutters. As that cement silt comes off the tile and flows into the valleys of your roof, it starts building a sandbar. After about ten years of that, in a hard rain, water runs underneath that tile. Pretty soon you get massive water leaks in the middle of your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

You’re going to want to service your tile roof with a maintenance plan to make sure that this doesn’t happen. At Roof Life of Oregon, we will start with a well care check up. Before we even get on your roof, we’ll remove one tile to study it and identify it.

After we know a little bit more, we’ll get on your roof to make sure everything looks healthy and to check for repairs. If everything is fine, we clean the tile and come back to apply our product that is made just for tile roofs. That treatment will keep the moss off your roof for a three-year period of time.

Don’t wait for a unexpected leak in your living room to call us. Get your tile roof on a maintenance plan with Roof Life and get some peace of mind.

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