Today we conclude our two part series on maintained and unmaintained shake roofs. Yesterday, we showed you what a maintained and unmaintained shake roof looks like and how you can tell.

Today, we’ll show you what a maintained roof with a stain looks like and explains why staining your shake roof is not a good option.


Down here as I zoom in you’ll see some roofs that were cleaned and treated with a colorant, and the growth has come back through it, so they’re going to be in trouble because the only way to do those is to strip it down and re coat them. Every time you do that it wears out. We’re going to zoom in on another Roof Life roof, you can see it’s a light ash gray reflecting the head, resisting moisture, and allowing that shake to last a long time. I want to show you this roof next door; this is the problem with using colors on roofs, you can’t ever get the repairs to blend in. Even if you put new shakes in and you color them because they’re new they schluff the color and they end of being a permanently repaired roof. We at Roof Life stay away from staining roofs we allow them to be their natural driftwood gray, kind of a soft silver gray, and therefore you can do maintenance where the new repairs blend in giving you a uniformed healthy roof.

At Roof Life of Oregon we will never stain your roof. To learn more about how we properly maintain shake roofs please visit our roof maintenance website page.

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