Believe it or not, if you stood on your roof and looked around the neighborhood you could tell which of your neighbors is or is not maintaining their roof. We understand you may have a fear of heights, or not know what you should be looking for, so we decided to bring you a rooftop view from the comfort of your computer.

To help you understand what a maintained or unmaintained shake roof looks like we created this two part video series. Today we look at the difference between a well maintained roof and a roof that has not been maintained at all.


We’re on the South side of Bull Mountain, here in Tigard, Oregon, and just taking a scan of about thirteen to fourteen year old shake roofs. You can see as I scan which roofs are maintained, which ones are cleaned and treated with a color, which ones are unmaintained, and which ones the client is taking care of correctly. As I come across these two roofs here, you can see they are almost identical in age and yet one roof is reflecting the heat, staying cool, resisting moisture retention, and drying out very quickly after a rainstorm. The house on the right is like a solar panel, causing a lot of heat on the wood, also when it does rain it sits on the wood for extended periods of time. Both of those factors will make the roof on the right be replaced twice as fast as the roof on the left. The roof on the left is the natural color of cedar with no growth on it, no coloring. The roof on the right is black fungus, moss, mold, and mildew that grow not only on shake roofs, but tile roofs and architectural shingle roofs.

Stop by tomorrow for part two where we show you what a maintained roof with a stain looks like and explain why staining your shake roof is not a good option.

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