When you’re buying a home, there’s a big difference between “my roof’s been well cared for by Roof Life of Oregon,” and “my roof’s been certified by Roof Life of Oregon.”

If a seller tells you that their roof has been well cared for, that just means we’ve checked it out every three to five years. We’ve made sure there aren’t any leaks, and that it won’t have growth for a set period of time.

The real question to ask is “Where is this roof at in its well care cycle?” If buyers knew to ask that question, many times they’d be told that it’s at the end of its cycle. The homebuyer needs to be aware that just because a roof has been well cared for, that does not mean it’s certifiable for a five-year real estate certification. A certification from Roof Life of Oregon means you’re not going to have to put any money into the roof for five years.

You may have to maintain it, treat it, and blow the junk off. But you’re not going to have to replace it for five years. It’s solid.

I read a “roof certification” the other day done by another company here in Portland that stated, “This roof may last for three to five years, if the following repairs are complete.” That is not a roof certification.

Our certification states that your roof is certified for five years. It’s dated and signed by Roof Life of Oregon. There’s a big difference there.

Protect one of the biggest assets of your future home. With a real estate roof certification, you have absolute, concrete knowledge about what’s going on with that roof. You’re looking at a potential twenty to fifty thousand dollar loss in the deal, if you don’t get that certification.

I see too many buyers re-roofing within the first year of purchase. Ask these two questions to the seller: Where is the roof at in its well care maintenance cycle and have you had this roof certified with a real estate inspection?

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