screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-2-28-48-pmThis time of year reveals weaknesses in your roof. We’re dealing with pounding wind, and lots of rain. If you have little issues on your roof that you haven’t noticed, or have put off fixing, this time of year will turn them into big headaches.

Just recently, a client called in for an emergency roof leak repair because water was leaking into the garage and on the outside of the home. It had completely destroyed a wooden window on their house. I went up on the roof and found that the entire problem had been caused by a small handful of debris in a dead valley.

A dead valley is just a spot where your roofs come together. Water stops, sits there, and eventually finds a way into the house. If we had been doing regular maintenance on this home, we would have caught this a long time ago. I took the handful of debris, threw it off the roof, and that was that.

The sad thing is that the damage caused by this little amount of debris was a big cost. It was probably over a thousand dollars worth of damage. That cost could have been avoided if the client took action sooner, instead of waiting for the problem to get bigger.

Regular maintenance from Roof Life of Oregon will keep your roof working properly so that when the weatherman says the storms are coming, you can rest easy.

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