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Podcast: How to Make Sure Your Roof is Portland-Winter-Ready

Posted September 17, 2018 by Patrick Morin
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In this episode Patrick discusses Winters in Portland and how to make sure your roof is ready to face what Mother Nature has up her sleeves. Most experts agree this is going to be a rough one!


Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB037-229

Shayla: Thank you for joining us today for the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with Patrick Morin today. Patrick, let’s talk about Portland weather, what it has been this year, and what is to come, and how that will affect Portland roofs.

Patrick: Great topic. For the calendar year 2018, even the winter of 2017-18, really was a mild winter, compared to the 2016-17 where we broke 7 state records. So you just never know what Mother Nature is going to send out for us, but we have had a super dry, super mild, glorious spring and summer and here we are in the fall, and we know that Oregon has to get its 40 inches of rain somehow, and Mother Nature has a plan, we just don’t know what it is. And so when you’re dealing with roofs and their well care, the greatest thing that we can do is make sure you don’t do what my family did on the Deshutes river. We’ve been running that river for 32 years as a family. We stay there a whole week and we just run that river in Mopin and have a great time. Two years ago, we were going down the river and we had our nuts out, we were talking, having a great time. And I was just really enjoying the weather, the water, the scenery, and I wasn’t paying attention as the oarsman, and we hit a big rock and we tipped over. And I lost three of my grandkids and my daughter into the water, which I jumped in to go help. And the funny thing was, by association, my son, who was manning the other boat, again, we’ve run this river our whole lives, never tipped over, he hit the same rock and he tipped over, and his boat got stuck on the rock.

Shayla: Oh no.

Patrick: So I don’t know want that to happen to you with your roof, where it’s great weather, no problems, kind of very aired summer, spring. But water and wind is coming so I thought a little bit of review of what we might prepare for, just to have in your mind what the roof’s needing. So when the leaves start falling, we want to make sure to have a licensed contractor blow off the drain areas, blow off the roof and get the gutters cleaned out.  We want to make sure that we check all of the protrusions that come through the roof. So you look up there, you’ll see the flat areas of the roof, then you’ll see a pipe and and a can vent, a square can vent, you’ll see skylights, you’ll see chimneys. These are all interruptions of flow of water. You want to have those checked just to make sure something hasn’t opened up, the flashing, the sealents haven’t opened up, because when the water comes, the goal of Roof Life is help you keep the water on the outside of your home, and going off into the gutters and away from your home.

It would be not good to have it come in. Most people’s deductible on their homeowner’s insurance is $1,000, which that blows through a leak issue really quick. So most of it is you pay for it yourself. So it’s definitely worth not having an incident by calling up and getting a well care check-up on your roof. And a well care check up remember is, I’m just having my roof checked to make sure that everything’s ready for what’s coming. You don’t have to really think there is a problem. We’ll do a video inspection of your home, of your home’s roof. You’ll see anything that’s of concern and then you can choose to address it from there, if you want to, or let her ride, if you want to do that.

Shayla: It kind of sounds like you go annually to get a preventative at the doctor, even if nothing’s wrong, you need a professional –

Patrick: Yeah, well, and being a new 57 year-old, once you’re over fifty, they want to see you every five years, and then once you’re over sixty, they want to see you every threes, and I remember when I was 23, he didn’t care when I came in. He goes, well, you know, if you’re feeling bad, come in, but as soon as I hit fifty, it was like, you better get in here every five. So same thing with your roof. When you have a new roof, remember that ninety percent of the new roofs in these subdivisions are put on by companies paid to go fast. They’re paid by the size of the roof, not how good they do it. It’s always good to have those checked.

If you’re in a real estate transcation, make sure and have that roof looked at by a licensed roofing contractor, Roof Life of Oregon being one, that we go and tell you about the roof that you’re about to purchase on your home. If you’re selling the home, we can come and tell you what needs to be done to meet that certification criteria for your buyer. If you’re in an older home and you don’t know even know how old the roof is, that’s a good reason to call and get a check-up. We’ll kind of tell you where the roof’s at in its lifespan, how much service life is left in it, things that you can plan on and budget as a homeowner.

Lots of times, when you don’t know where your roof is at in its life cycle, knowing where its at gives you a lot of confidence. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be weathertight. When you go to the beaches here and to the little bays and you see these rusty, big fishing boats. The thing is, they don’t look perfect, they’re not like preistine like that yacht sitting over there, but these boats that look just rusted out, they’re well used, they go out way out there in the ocean and bring back loads of fish, and they do it every day and they are very safe and sound, but you know that those captains do a check-up on all the key components that are going to keep the ocean out of their boat, because hwn you get out there, you don’t want the ocean in your boat, and that’s the same thing in Portland. We get lulled into, like my family and I did, going down the river, doing trail mix, “oh, what a great day!” And all of sudden you get knocked over. And preventative is so easy, because we find it before it ever happens, we give the report, you look at the report on your email. Let’s be preventative and take care of it. Gives you confidence in keeping the water out of your home.

Shayla: Alright, so regardless when you’re listening to this podcast, whether it’s before or after the rain has started in Portland, it’s always a great time to get more information on what’s going on your roof. So you can always reach out to Patrick and the team at Roof Life of Oregon.

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