Have you ever noticed a green slimy trail running down the side or the front of your home? It’s probably because the original roofer didn’t install what’s called a kick-out flashing. It’s a simple thing they could have done the day of installation that prevents a lot of damage to your home.

Maybe you have a beautiful entry that comes down, a gutter, then a roof above that. All the water runs down the side of the wall and it’s suppose to go down the gutter and find a downspout to go out. Unfortunately, the water runs down that siding and instead of getting into the gutter, it’s actually going around the outside of the gutter, down the wall, and right by your front door.

This trail of water is causing your green streak or rotting siding. And it’s all because a simple piece of metal, called a kick-out, is missing. The kick-out actually turns the water into the gutter. If you don’t have one, Roof Life of Oregon needs to get up there right away to make sure that green trail is done and rotting is prevented.

It really is something that should be done right the first time. It would have been a five-minute project during installation, but these contractors hire the cheapest roofers they can find. They’re just trying to get to the next house. Roof Life looks at every single home and customizes the structure based on its unique needs. Don’t let a little piece of metal ruin your siding or the look of your home. Let us give you a free inspection and we’ll take care of the problem.

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