I was just on a roof last week and saw a dark, ominous cloud on the horizon. Within minutes, the temperature dropped fifteen degrees and hail started pouring down. I didn’t even have time to get off the roof!

stormy sky-1209481_1920Is your roof prepared for that kind of weather?

Our Portland weather is inconsistent and demands a lot out of your roof. Whether it’s sleet, rain, snow, ice, or just heavy winds, regular well care check-ups are vital to make sure your roof lasts its full life.

You wouldn’t drive across the Mojave desert in a car that hasn’t had a tune-up in a few years. You might find yourself in a whole lot of trouble! The same should go for your roof in Portland.

You might think your roof can handle a storm surge, but it’s better to know for sure by getting each and every component checked out by Roof Life of Oregon.

Even if you don’t have a problem on your roof right now, we can still come out and check all the points of connectivity on your roof: where the roof meets a skylight, a chimney, a diverter valley, and so on. We’ve got to certify that those parts of your roof can handle a high volume of water.

A well care check-up from Roof Life of Oregon will give you peace of mind during the Portland storms.

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