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Why You Shouldn’t Vent a Dryer to the Roof in Portland, OR

Posted May 31, 2018 by Daniel White
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It happens all the time: I check out a client’s roof and wonder why in the world the builder choose to do it that way.

Recently, I was up on a home and saw that the client’s dryer was venting onto the roof, spilling lint all over the place, and potentially causing a fire hazard. And the homeowner didn’t even know it!

Proper Dryer Vent Positioning

Most of the time, builders vent dryers out of the sidewall, even if it’s a two-story. The lint blows off to the side and it’s no big deal. You can clean those out pretty easily.

But sometimes the builder takes the dryer vent and goes straight up with it, venting it on the top of the roof. That can be a big problem for a couple reasons.

This particular vent was completely plugged; all of the lint was stuck inside the vent. Lint was all over the roof and it looked terrible. When I unplugged it, I saw the flapper wasn’t even working. Who knows what was packed down inside the vent?

Why is This Dangerous?

First of all, that could be a fire hazard. Your dyer is pushing heat through the lint. Plus, it’s going to cause your dryer to work harder, making it less effective and shortening its service life.

If it’s possible to get the vent off of the roof and out a sidewall, let’s get that done. Have a plumber, an HVAC company, or a duct guy get that off of there and then we can change the roof line and close off the top.

If the vent can’t be changed, then maintenance needs to be a priority. The roof should be looked at once every two to three years to make sure that it’s not plugged at the top. And have a duct-cleaning company, or an HVAC company, clean that thing out on a regular basis.

Let Us Take a Look

Sometimes homeowners aren’t sure where their dryer is venting. If that’s you and you haven’t had your roof looked at lately, give us a call. When we’re on your roof, we’ll look for potential issues and help guide you in the right direction.

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