HGTV normally gives out some pretty good advice for homeowners on their blog. However, when a reader asked about building a second roof on top of an existing one, we believe their expert is just plain wrong.

Here’s the original question from HGTV’s web site:

Q: We recently had a roof put on our house. When the contractors got started, one of them fell through the roof and into our kitchen. The contractor said our roof was too far gone to save, so he suggested the best way to fix the problem was to build another roof right over the top of the existing one. Is it OK to do that? We wanted him to just tear the whole thing off and put in new trusses, but he said this way would do the same thing and it would be cheaper.

The HGTV author, listed as a certified home inspector, answered:

A: As long as there is room for ventilation between the old and new roofs, the reroof should be OK….

It’s not OK to do this! More than likely the reason someone fell through was from rot and decay. All of the rot and decay should be removed and a new structure built in its place, not over it or around it. If the trusses are rotten they should be replaced. They are a structural part of the building and cannot be ignored. When in doubt, get a second opinion from someone who actually examines the roof on site.

If you find yourself in a similar situation (anywhere near Portland, Oregon), contact us for a free inspection!

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