vent1When you pay by the hour, you encourage workers to slow down, and pay more attention to the work they are doing. Unfortunately, one of our recent customers had a ridge vent installation by a contractor who paid by the piece. It didn’t work out so well.

This customer’s ridge caps were blowing off his roof repeatedly. He tried calling another contractor to come out and reinstall new ridge caps, but those blew off as well. Then he finally called Roof Life of Oregon.

We discovered that the previous installer had used a coil gun to install the ridge vents. A coil gun is basically an air gun that allows you to nail at a quicker speed. When it comes to ridge vent installtion, you need to put the coil gun down.

A ridge vent is a soft product. If you use a coil gun, it will depress down into the ridge vent and even into the shingle. It’s so soft, that it breaks through the shingle that’s on top. That’s what this client was experiencing. The nails went through so deep that the shingles had no holding power.

When Roof Life of Oregon nails in ridge vents, we do it by hand. It’s the proper way to install them. And because this customer’s ridge vents weren’t installed that way the first time, we have to take every bit of ridge off of his roof, put brand new ridge caps on, and hand nail it all. It’s probably going to cost around two thousand dollars, just to correct what the other contractor did wrong.

Hire a company that takes its time to properly install your roof and all its components. At Roof Life of Oregon, we put down the coil gun, and perform proper rdige vent installation to make sure they last.

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