The fact is that a lot happens on your roof in Oregon’s 4 season climates. Neglecting your roof is much costlier than maintaining it properly!

In the summer a great amount of heat is generated and all the building components shrink and shrivel exposing weaknesses not previously noted.

In the fall, as moisture returns to the environment, the roof cools and expands. Then, the rains arrive and somehow all of that movement has made openings that the flow of water follows resulting in leaks. That’s pretty much how it stays through the winter and spring here in Oregon. A lot of water and at times it comes with a lot of wind.

If your home is located under or near tall trees you may need to blow the roof annually with an air compressor to ensure that the water runs down the roof and not across the roof. When water runs across the roof it will find a way into your home as almost all roofing is engineered to have water run down to the gutters.

If your home gets a lot of directional wind the ridge caps at the top of your roof line may struggle to hang on and will need to be checked on periodically.

If your home gets direct sunlight and you have a big southwest exposure you may be thinking that all is well. The truth is that direct exposure will wear the roofing material 2 times faster than a northeastern exposure. Checking for erosion holes and cracks over cracks is a good practice of extending the service life of your roof.

The cost of roof maintenance will always be lower than the cost of neglect, in your time, money and pride of ownership.

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