At Roof Life of Oregon, weather patterns may slow us down, but rarely does our production come to a screeching halt. We constantly work to refine our processes and search for innovative roof replacement systems. A recent example is the tent system we devised that allowed us to remove and replace the plywood on one of our roof replacement clients.

A standard roof system is comprised of a layer of field material, followed by a layer of underlayment and finally a layer of decking material. Their are several choices of roofing material for each specific layer, but the combination of these three layers allows your home to stay protected. In our example, the plywood layer is the last line of defense before physically being inside the house. If this layer becomes exposed to mother nature it can cause mold to grow and completely rot your roof from the inside out.

Just like surgery, when you expose the interior to the outdoor elements problems can occur. It would be unreasonable to expect a homeowner to trust a roofing contractor to perform work unless they could promise the interior of the house was protected. It would also be unreasonable to expect our company to stay in business unless we could perform roof replacements during inclement weather. Believe it or not, there are roofing contractors that will keep your roof open or exposed to the outdoor elements without providing proper protection.

Not only did our tent system keep our client’s home protected, but it helped keep the field materials protected too. When dealing with plywood installation you want to make sure the material stays bone dry. Otherwise, you’re putting a material on your roof that’s going to sprout mold from day one of the installation. You can see in our series of photos that our roof replacement team was able to remove the dry rot, install new plywood for the roof deck and kept everything bone dry during an extremely rainy week.

Having innovative roof replacement systems allows our crews to take their time ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship possible. Select roofs comes with our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. Our team is ready to serve you, but if you’re looking for more information on our roof replacement systems please visit our roof replacement page.

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