It’s nice to see some Roofing Contractors making an attempt at correct ventilation for the homes they re-roof. However, as you can see by this picture, this home’s ventilation in the Beaverton area is still installed incorrectly.

Interesting Ventilation Installation

    Let’s start at the top of the roof. Did you notice the can vents at the top? They are close on the amounts of vents needed to correctly ventilate this roof, but they just missed it. For the size of home, they needed at least 2 more vents or a Ridgevent system.
        Now lets move to the bottom of the roof. Would you believe those can vents are NOT designed for intake? Thats right, they are not designed to be installed that close to the gutter line. The manufacturer of the vents will tell you that they are to be installed 1-2 feet from the ridge of the roof. They are NOT designed to take the amount of water draining down the roof when installed any lower than their recommendation.

Note: If these can vents leak, the manufacturer will simply say, “Sorry, we aren’t responsible for incorrect installation.”  At Roof Life of Oregon, not only will we correctly install the ventilation on your roof, but we also provide Portland’s ONLY Lifetime Workmanship Warranty for ALL roofs that we replace.

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