We see some interesting and artistic looking roof ventilation systems in the Portland, Oregon area. You can vents, the black looking squares on your roof, may be placed creatively or symmetrically, but is that really the best thing for your roof? Poor roof ventilation is causes 9 out of 10 roofs in the United States to age prematurely.

Daniel White answers that question for us in the following video clip.


We’re out in Newberg today and we have an interesting ventilation issue going on that I’m not sure that the homeowner Is aware of, so I’m going to talk to them about it shortly. Do you notice these vents? You can see the vents up at the ridge line here. You notice that there are some vents here. The problem is these vents should not be on this home. The very end of this house, underneath this gutter, there are vents that actually allow the intake. What happens is air is supposed to pull from the very bottom, goes all the way up inside the attic, runs all the way to the top vent. Not this one, all the way to the top vent. What’s happening is the system is being short circuited. It’s pulling the cool air from here, drawing it up into the attic, and it’s exhausting here. It’s not pulling and going up to this one here, so this whole upper section is not venting the way it’s supposed to. I want you to look at the shingles as I come up here at this weird angle. You can see right above the roof, those vents, you can see that this line all right above those vents is starting to curl, it’s starting to buckle, it’s having an issue. It’s doing it on this other side also. Right above those vents, we’ll get down close so you can see it, they’re beginning to curl. You can see them actually start to lift up and begin to curl and it’s right above the vents on both sides. Again, that’s because of these intake vents. They’re not acting as an intake; they’re acting as an exhaust. It’s pulling from down there, going all the way up, exhausting here, this area right here, it’s just dead air, it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do.

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