We’ re constantly preaching to our clients the importance of roof ventilation. Energy costs and the degradation of your roof can vary based on your roof ventilation. Some homeowners have a roof ventilation overload and some homeowners have an under-ventilated roof.

Installing a power fan is a great way to add the necessary roof ventilation you need. However, the power fan needs to be installed properly and the photo below is a great example of an incorrect power fan installation.

At Roof Life of Oregon, we believe that everything should be used in moderation. Having more can vents than required is a great way to void the warranty on your roof. Using enough mastic on your power vent to seal the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the floor can also cause you some major problems. Especially when your power fan is incorrectly installed and must be removed.

Another problem with installation of this power fan is it was simply placed over the whole of a previous can vent (This can be seen via the photo below). This power fan should have been cut into the roof instead of placing it directly over the top of the whole. In fact, we’re not even sure if there is a whole cut underneath the power fan to pull air through the roof.

Since 1983 Roof Life of Oregon has provided the Greater Portland area with an expertise and workmanship incomparable to other roofing contractors. If you’re interested in improving your roof’s ventilation system please call 503-925-0125 or fill out one of our free estimate forms. We’ll work with you to ensure your roof works right, lasts long, and looks great.

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