the roofs are done by the lowest bidder

The lowest bidder put the roof on your home when it was built. That’s how they do it in production homes. The guy who can do it the fastest and the cheapest wins.

Unfortunately for home owners who need to replace their roof, a lot of replacement roofing contractors follow the same line of thought. Sell the re-roof for a cheap price and then cut every corner in the book. Fast is the standard rule for these guys, and most times, important details are overlooked for the sake of the almighty dollar. Quality is a choice. We don’t even bid on new construction, because we won’t compromise the amount of quality required as a trade-off in speed, skill and durability.

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin

This one concept is very important for you to realize, as it is a mistake made over and over by the vast majority of homeowners. It ends up costing them more than they could ever imagine.

Some of these overlooked items seem like such small things, especially on a roof. These small details from the ground are huge deals when you’re on the roof. When they’re neglected and/or overlooked in the original installation it will cause a homeowner thousands in repairs. Especially if the oversight is in the transition areas of the roof. Some other common examples; neglecting to use neoprene screws on exterior flashings, kick out flashings left out, allowing water down or into the sidewalls of your home. Most of these oversights and few others go unnoticed until a storm with wind and rain is hitting your home at just the right angle.

It has always paid dividends to pay more “up front” for the correct installation of a roof; a roof that is installed following a set procedure by a company whose policy is to check on that procedure daily. Accountability is available at Roof Life of Oregon where we deliver Portland’s best and safest choice in roofing. Call us today at 503-925-0125 or Let us Know how we can help you!

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