If you find out a storm is coming through your neighborhood and start to feel panic about the state of your roof, that’s a good indication it’s time for a well care check-up. Roof Life of Oregon needs to check your roof before you end up with water coming through your ceiling.

When we get these big storm gusts in Portland, heavy rainfall will make all of those potential problems become realities. At a well care check-up, we’re going to look at all the rubber boots around the pipes on your roof. We’ll see how the roof is fastened, and check out all the can vents. Basically, we are checking to make sure all the components that make up your roof are in good working condition and aren’t creating an environment for a potential leak.

If you don’t call us soon enough and end up with a leak, we can still help. The first thing you want to do is go onto our website and hit the emergency leak button. You’ll get a call within a few minutes from a trained tech who can help you minimize the damage from the leak.

If it’s daytime, we’ll get out to help you as soon as humanly possible. If it’s after dark, due to OSHA standards, we aren’t allowed to be on a roof. But we’ll give you as much helpful information as we can over the phone, and then get out the next day to help fix your leak.

So if you have a storm coming through and you’re feeling anxious, give us a call. Sometimes a simple phone call will eliminate all the stress you have about your roof. We’ll come check it out for free and make sure you’re ready for heavy rain.

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