Last week we got a call from a woman who saw us installing a roof on her neighbor’s home. When I got to the house, she told me that she watched Roof Life of Oregon work for seven days and was floored by the experience.

She said if it weren’t for the nail guns and the compressor running, she would’ve never known we were there. She went on to say she never saw dirt, debris or a mess. There was no loud music, or foul language. There has been a lot of construction in her neighborhood lately, and she said she’s never experienced a crew so pleasurable.

I was really happy to hear this, because we take a lot of pride in the way our team conducts themselves at your home. You can have an awesome company, and a great product, but none of that really matters unless your installers care about what they’re doing.

This client ended up hiring us for her own roof, not because of the price, but because of the professionalism of our team. We not only care about your roof, we care about your landscaping, siding, windows, doors and gutters.

Other companies will drop debris to the ground, not worrying about where it lands. We actually have a little excerpt for all of our work that says we will not “curse, drink or play loud music while working on your property.” A lot of homeowners laugh at that, because they’ve all experienced it.

Our goal is that you never wake up in the morning or come home at night and feel like you are in a construction war zone. We want you to feel at ease. So our guys clean all day long; it’s non-stop. We have one crew member dedicated to cleaning the grounds, and making sure all the nails and tarps are cleaned up at the end of the day.

It’s just like the client said, if it weren’t for the new roof, she would have never known we were there.

When you need a new roof, make sure you hire a team that will take care of your entire home. Roof Life of Oregon can do that for you.

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