People call Roof Life of Oregon for three main reasons: leaks, things falling off the roof, and peer pressure. And usually folks call in stage ten panics thinking they need to replace their roofs right away. That’s not necessarily true.

The top reason people call us at Roof Life is because they have a leak. They see it on the roof or in their ceiling and they automatically think something has gone terribly wrong. Well, sometimes the roof is certainly shot and it might be time to think about replacement. But many times, it’s a simple repair to get your roof back on track. We could do a $100 component replacement, rather than having you spend $20,000 on a new roof. That’s a big difference!

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Some people call because they see debris from their roof in the yard. That can also send them into a panic. It could have just been a shingle blowing off in a windstorm and it simply needs to be replaced. We’ve just got to get up there and check it out.

Peer Pressure
This is a big one. We get calls from people whose neighbors are starting to replace their roofs. Since they live in a community where all the homes are about the same age, they think it’s time to replace as well. Just because they were built at the same time, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you get one, two or maybe even five more years out of your roof. Roofs don’t necessarily age at the same pace.

No matter your reason for calling, try to avoid that “my roof needs replaced” panic until we get up on your roof and do a well care checkup. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you and your roof are taken care of.



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