One of the top three questions we get asked is “How can you keep moss off of my roof?” We’ve been working for thirty-four years to answer that question. We discovered some ways to help your rid your roof of that growth, without causing any damage to the roof itself.

Our motto is: if we can’t move your roof forward, we’re going to suggest you leave it alone and plan to replace it as it starts to fail. That may be two or three years. But if you remove the moss once it’s already done damage to the roof, you could actually ruin your roof and cause it to fail before its time.

For the most part, the roofs we look at aren’t quite to that stage. We had to come up with a system that could remove the moss without damaging the roof. If you use one of those big pressure washers, you’re dealing with a small amount of a water at an extremely high pressure. You want to avoid using those like the plague, because they will eventually kill your roof.

We’ve actually designed and created our own roof cleaning systems. We mounted huge engines and pumps and big reservoir of water in a van that pulls water at a fraction of the pressure and a multiple of the gallons. We’ve upped the gallons and lowered the pressure to safely and gently clean the moss off of your roof.

Our goal, however, is to get your roof on a maintenance plan so that we don’t have to clean it.  Using our unique product, we can keep the roof treated on a two to five year rotation, and keep your roof free of moss in a safe way.

An average roof in Portland costs fifteen to twenty-five thousand dollars. Protect that investment by making the decision to clean and treat your roof in a way that will lengthen your roof’s life, not shorten it.

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