20 Year Old Shake Roof

If you have a cedar shake roof, you need an entirely different maintenance plan than someone who has a tile or composition roof. Depending on your environment, cedar roofs require a check up every four to five years. We also need to treat your shake roof with products that will not only keep it beautiful, but will make it last up to fifty percent longer for you and your family.

What happens to an unmaintained shake roof?
If you have a shake roof in Portland, you’ll notice after a year that the beautiful cedar color turns a kind of driftwood grey. By the fifth year, the roof is a dark, dark grey. And after the seventh year, it turns black due to the growth of black fungus.

Black fungus starts a decaying process on the wood. When it creates enough decayed wood, the moss moves in. After awhile, you’ll start to see green algae and moss growing on top of the black fungus. When you see moss, you’ve waited a little bit too long for the best-case scenario. But there’s always a next best thing. You just need to call Roof Life of Oregon and get us up there to clean off the moss using compressed air or product.

What does shake roof maintenance entail?
If your shake roof is under twenty years of age, you want to have it checked every four to five years. When we get up on your roof we are going to check for basic repairs first; erosion holes, loose ridge caps or maybe shakes that have come out. Once we repair those, you’ll get our five-year, no-leak warranty. We’ll also apply our product that keeps the wood from growing any black fungus or moss for five years.

If you’re under heavy trees, we’ll use the same product, but we’ll want to look at it every four years because of how tough your environment is.

We can take a roof that normally lasts seventeen to twenty-one years and we can make it last thirty to thirty-five years. Your shake roof is well taken care of in Roof Life’s hands. We know how to treat it to make sure it not only looks beautiful, but lasts up to fifty percent longer.

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