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We get calls all the time from folks who want to know how much their roof replacement will cost. It’s an impossible question to answer without a full roof inspection, because each home comes with its own unique circumstances and environment that affect the cost.

Ventilation is a key issue because it’s the number one cause of premature roof failures.  It’s also the main way a manufacturer will get out of paying for your premature failure. So an attic check-up is necessary to find out how to meet the airflow requirements of the manufacture.

Your Needs
You may only want to live in your home for the next five or ten years. But maybe you want to stay in your home for the rest of your life! Your particular needs are going to affect the roof we quote for you and will drive the price.

Roofs are put on in layers and they come off in layers. The more layers, the more it costs. Some homes can be dropped and loaded into a truck. Some homes are hand loaded and hand carried. All of that drives the price.

It may seem frustrating at first that we can’t give you an exact price right away, but at the end of the day, we’ll help you choose a roof that’s perfect for your home. That may take a little time, but you’ll end up knowing exactly what you’re paying for and exactly how that price was created.

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