When you’re re-roofing your home, the materials you choose determine whether it’s a thirty, forty, or even fifty-year roof. So how do you know which one to choose? Many homeowners think they should base the answer to that question on how long they plan to be in their home.


The problem with that is you never know exactly how long you’ll live in your home. 

I can’t tell you how many homeowners I’ve worked with who tell me they planned to move out of their home after the first five years, but they’ve been there twenty years because “life happened.”

You shouldn’t base the investment into your new roof solely on the amount of time you plan to use it. Not only will a quality roof add value to your home when and if you put it on the market, it will also give you peace of mind. If you go with a low-cost, low-quality material or installation, you might find yourself with a leak sooner than you think.

Some homeowners don’t care much about quality and that ends up hurting them or the buyer when they eventually put the home on the market. They choose a fly-by-night contractor who’ll put a roof on cheaply to get the home to sell. The new homeowner thinks they have a long-lasting, new roof, but it ends up leaking in the first couple years. The average Roof Life client cares about quality and wants the best roof for themselves and the next person who’ll own the home.

That being said, how long you plan to live under your roof is a factor, sure, but don’t let it rule how expensive or high-quality your roof is. Find the roof that works for you and your budget now, but make sure the company you’re using is a high-quality one. Often times, that makes more of a difference than the kind or type of roof you put on.

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