Installing a brand new roof is not cheap. I think when you understand how big of an investment it is, you don’t want to skimp on proper care and maintenance. You need to find someone in Portland that will honor that value, not abuse it.

I’ve watched too many companies come through saying they can do it “just like Roof Life, but for less.” And guess what? I’ve never had anyone tell me that going with the cheap guy was a good decision. It’s usually a nightmare, because they actually don’t do it like Roof Life.

The first way we’ll make sure your roof lasts as long as possible is by checking for proper ventilation. A roofing contractor has to do an attic inspection. He needs to see how the air is flowing. It’s not only going to help your roof last longer; it will save you a ton on energy costs.

Installed to Manufacturer Specs
You’ve also got to make sure that your roof is installed up to manufacturer’s specifications. Don’t let someone do it up to “industry standard.” That won’t cut it. You see, these roofing companies can install your roof and then just up and leave. I’ve seen it happen. The only company that’s sure to stick around for your warranty is the manufacturer, so you’ve got to get it up to their standard.

Withstanding Weather
Our weather systems in Portland are changing. We used to have a drizzle for nine straight months and now we are getting storm surges that leave an inch of water in a day. We make sure that a product called Ice and Water is used in areas of critical water trafficking; it’s a rubberized thick mastic that self-seals around your fastener to keep the water out.

Matching Components
Why would you put can vents, pipe flashing, and other components on a roof that won’t last the lifetime of the shingles? I don’t know. But it happens all the time in Portland. When you get a roof from Roof Life of Oregon, all of your components will match the lifetime of your roof, which will help your entire roofing system last longer.

We don’t cut corners. Whether during maintenance or re-roofing, we do everything we can to ensure that your roof lasts longer.



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