An asphalt composition roof looks beautiful when it’s first installed. But after Portland weather has taken its toll, fungus, moss and debris can really bring it down fast.

An asphalt shingle is a fiberglass matte. They are made with about a sixteenth of an inch of asphalt and then the granules are pressed onto the hot asphalt during manufacturing.

When these asphalt shingles are first installed, everything looks beautiful, but then the acidic rain in Oregon starts. That’s why your walkways, driveways and roof are all growing moss everywhere. And we all know that moss leads to loss.

So what does moss do to your asphalt shingle? You’ll first see a coating of black fungus and then the moss starts to grow on the edges of the shingles. The moss may look just like a ball, but it’s actually a wedge that wants to lift the edge of the shingle. When the rain comes, the moss diverts it horizontally, and the water gets to the nails right underneath the edge of every shingle. This allows the water to saturate your plywood.

The sun also takes a toll on your shingles. If it’s eighty degrees outside and you put your hand on your roof, it will really burn. It’s that hot. So when the UV gets to that asphalt, it breaks it down in a very short period of time.

You might have a twenty-five or even fifty-year shingle if the granules stay on. But if it superheats and the growth is allowed, those granules will come off quickly and you’re going to have to re-roof. An average roof here in Portland is an eighteen to twenty-five thousand dollar event and if that roof lasts a third or half as long as it should, you’re talking about thirteen to fourteen thousand dollars more than you should be spending. You could do a lot of maintenance for that amount of money.

If you roof is not maintained, it’s going to struggle. You may get a leak in the middle of your kitchen out of nowhere. No one wants that call in the middle of the workday. Roof Life of Oregon helps you avoid that. We’ll get you on a well care program so we can check up on that asphalt roof every three years.

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