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How Can We Provide a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty?

Posted May 26, 2017 by Patrick Morin

We are the only roofing company in Portland that has a lifetime workmanship warranty on our work. People often ask us, “What does that mean, exactly?

So let’s go back a step. We take care of 11,000 roofs put on by everybody else. Unfortunately, most of these roofs were put on by builders in large building tracks. They want the roof installed fast and at a certain price point. To do that, they hire what are called “piece work” workers. These contractors get paid by the ten by ten square they finish, so they go as fast as they can.

There is no standard or quality check. There’s nobody up there making sure they’re doing it right. Over the years, we’ve seen the workmanship that comes out of that type of installation. And it’s not good.

At Roof Life of Oregon, we are able to provide a lifetime workmanship warranty, because we put as much thought and research into our installations as the billion dollar manufacturing companies do in creating the products. They plan and strategize and engineer their products and designs. Installers and contractors need to do the same thing.

All of our guys are paid by the hour and they are managed throughout the project. Each crew has a crew chief and is visited daily by our production manager. Quality assurance happens every single day. We’re not rushing to get the job done. We are expeditiously putting your roof on the correct way so that you have long-term peace of mind.

When we take off your old roof, we re-space and re-nail all of your old plywood. That plywood has been expanding and contracting for twenty or thirty years, so everything is loose. We make sure it’s nice and tight to your home before we put down anything. Nobody else in Portland does that.

Next we put down an underlayment that’s fiberglass reinforced. It doesn’t wrinkle in moisture and that moisture can travel through it from your home. We put ice and water shield on your valleys and hips. Those are the places where you’re going to get ice and wind damage. 

Your roof will also be healthy and breathing. Where your heated environment meets the air, moisture is formed. A 2% increase in humidity decreases your insulation value by 30%. It’s a big deal. Why don’t all roofing companies take care of it to code? Because it costs more or they don’t want to get certified and trained to do it. Other companies may minimize it, but we don’t.

You get a lifetime workmanship warranty on the chimneys, the skylights, and every bit of metal on the roof. When you go to sell, and they hire someone like me to do a real estate certification, it’s going to pass.

We’re the only roofing company in Portland that offers a lifetime workmanship warranty on our work for a reason.  I think if you work with a roofing company that installs with great quality, service, reliability, care and concern, you’re going to get the best roof possible. And I think the company that can do that for you in Portland is Roof Life of Oregon.

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