One of the biggest promoters of moss growth is tree debris falling on your roof. As it decays, it creates a flowerbed for the moss to grow. Keeping up with your landscaping and cutting back your trees will slow the process down.

Moss spores live in trees, so they naturally fall on to the roof. When you have tree debris built up, it’s just like a log lying out in the woods; it stays wet and moss grows all over it. It will rot your shake roof away.

The same goes for composition roofs. The acidity of all that debris adds to the decay of the asphalt and creates a dam on the roof. Instead of flowing off like it should, water will collect and eventually make its way into your home.

Just the other day I was on a roof and saw that a squirrel had eaten a hole three inches in diameter, all the way to the felt paper. When your trees grow up really close to the house, animals climb up the tree and hop on over to the roof. That’s another reason to hire an arborist to cut your trees back.

Roof Life of Oregon’s specialty is maintenance. When we do a well care check-up on your roof, we’ll make sure you know which trees to cut back and how to best prevent debris from building on your roof.

If you already have a lot of debris, we can either blow it off with compressed air or wash it off, depending on your roof type. We then come back and coat the whole roof with a liquid treatment that hardens and changes the pH so the moss can’t grow back.

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