I have heard of a few homemade roof moss killers that are kind of funny, but some homeowners have said they work.

This one made me think of a pickle jar, but dosing your roof with about thirty gallons of vinegar seems to work pretty well. The moss hates. But most homeowners also hate the smell.

The other one I heard of makes your roof smell like The Old Spaghetti Factory. Some homeowners saturate water with tons of oregano to use as a homemade roof moss killer. When that gets sprayed on the roof, moss dies. It does smell like a good old pot of spaghetti, so you’ve got to make sure your neighbors are ready to go on the adventure with you.

Roof Life Treatment
Roof Life treatments aren’t homemade; they are made by chemists who are much smarter than we are! We purposely have the treatment unscented, so you won’t smell like spaghetti or pickles. The chemists at Dennco Chemical have created a treatment for shakes, tile and composition.

If mixed and applied per manufacturer’s standards, they work amazingly well. You’ll get a beautiful, clean roof, along with a warranty. Plus, our treatments are going to last you two to five years, and you won’t have to drag gallons of homemade roof moss killer up on to your roof each year.


Rooflife Warranties

Our Workmanship Warranty is the key to keeping your shingle company’s warranty in place.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Can we keep moss and mold from growing back? Yes. Yes we can.

No Moss Growth Warranty

We fix leaks for good.

No Leak Warranty

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