Handymen definitely their place, but unless their background is roofing, I don’t think that place is on your roof.

I was up on a client’s roof recently and took at look at their skylight. They had a handyman install it and, unfortunately, he did it all wrong. After he put it in, he realized it wasn’t going to work and just added mastic and tar around the edges.

Well, that worked for a few years, but then it started leaking. The worst part is that the homeowners didn’t even know about the leak. It had completely rotted the wood underneath.

Now we have to take it off, take all the wood apart, redo the entire section, and put a new one on. It’s going to cost three to four times as much as it would’ve been to just hire a professional roofer to install it in the first place.

We’re roofers. That’s what we do. You wouldn’t hire us for electricity or plumbing and you shouldn’t hire a handyman who has no professional experience working on roofs.wooden-board-1337232_1920

Components like a skylight can make a huge impact on the health of your roof. Leave it up to the professionals at Roof Life of Oregon, and let us save you a lot of time and headache in the long run.

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